A Brown Bear Mother Protects Her Cubs

During my recent visit to the Brooks River and Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, I was fortunate to witness a brown bear sow care for, protect, and defend with her life her three cubs. […]


Salmon and Brown Bears in Katmai National Park

In late spring and early summer, several hundred thousand sockeye salmon begin an ancient, instinctual migration, making their way from Alaska’s Bristol Bay, up the Naknek River and through Naknek Lake, striving to reach the […]


Launch of the Site

The coding is done, the preliminary testing is complete, and my photography web site has now officially launched.  The site is now built on WordPress and Photocrati, and is designed to function smoothly regardless of whether you […]


Terrific Tulips

I visited Burnside Farms today and found the daffodils and tulips are at their peak. The daffodils are delightful, but the tulips are truly terrific. Both are well worth a visit. Burnside Farms opens at […]


Virginia Bluebells

Enjoyed the afternoon of April 3 experiencing bluebells at Bull Run Regional Park — the first Road Runner Photography Tours meetup that I’ve participated in. There are 150 acres of bluebells here — a fragrant and visual […]